Why You Should Hire a Professional Tree Cutting or Tree Trimming Service 

Even though most tree owners think tree cutting is simply a removal of the entire branches and limbs from trees, it is actually a process or removing a tree from the stump using a chainsaw. Cutting tree is definitely a very dangerous task and it can result to wood chips flying everywhere as well as tree branches thrown out across the yard for pets and children to potentially get harmed if the tree cutter is not knowledgeable or experienced enough. Therefore, tree owners like you must know these tips we have gathered from experts especially when hiring a professional tree cutting or Tree Lopping Caboolture service to make sure that your property and family are safe the entire tree cutting, tree removal, or tree lopping process. 

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Tree Cutting Company 

There are a lot of questions that you can ask before you consider hiring a particular tree service company. These questions include: 

  • Can they show you a copy of their insurance and license? 
  • Does the company have a list of references? 
  • Will the company be able to give you an upfront, fix cost estimate for the whole project? 
  • How long will the entire tree cutting job take? 

Most especially, tree owners must ask ahead of time regarding with the safety gear and equipment they are going to used prior to hiring them. Chainsaws are basically used in the job, which means that the team should wear hard gloves, hats, boots, safety suits, safety goggles, as well as headphones in order to protect them against the danger that can occur during the tree cutting process. In addition to that, tree owners must also ask regarding with the stump if the tree cutting service team can be able to remove it after their job. You might have to pay them extra charge for removing the stump as their service doesn’t usually include removing the whole tree down to the roots. 

Once again, you shouldn’t put money down prior to rendering the service. This can usually lead to tree owners being scammed. You can also ask if the tree cutting team if they can remove all the debris after their job, as it could be problematic for you to clean up the lawn afterwards and handle all the wood chips and branches scattered in the yard. You can also consider having a written contract signed between you and the tree cutting company in order to make sure that there is legal negotiation between two parties, allowing you to stay worry free during the entire tree cutting process. 

What is the Tree Trimming? 

Since shrubs and trees can be impacted by conditions such as climate changes, diseases and pests, they usually need regular maintenance and proper care in order to keep in their good condition to survive for a long time. That is the reason why tree owners must trim, lop or prune their trees regularly throughout the summer and spring season. While some tree owners have knowledge in pruning or trimming their trees, some may not be so sure if they can handle this job and can prune the branches of their trees to much or can accidentally make their shrubs too short. That is why professional tree trimming services are recommended so that your trees will be trimmed or pruned in the most appropriate manner, enabling them to grow healthy while making them look more beautiful.  

Trimming Trees near Power Lines 

Shrubs and trees near power lines does not require a professional tree trimming service – what it need is a power company. It is also cheaper and easier for you for you to ask the help of a power company since most power companies don’t charge you any cost in order to trim or come out trees near power lines. It is also much safer that they do the tree cutting instead of a tree company when a tree is near the power line since it can potentially cause harm and power outage in your area. In addition to that, most tree trimming companies will not accept tree trimming service if the tree is near a power line. Therefore, before hiring a tree service provider, consider checking the location of the tree first especially its branches. If the branches of the tree is only a foot or two away from a power line, or if it’s already touching one, then it’s work to ask help for your power source company before calling a tree service provider.